The Enquirer: Take That Wills!

The actual press clipping from the Enquirer Magazine

Why Di gave her little terror a royal spanking? Princess Diana publicly spanked her young son William and made tears run down his face after the royal pain in the backside acted up during his school's field day.

The spank felt around the world came after a long day of sports at the exclusive Wetherby School in England where William, 8, and his brother Harry, 5, are students.

Di told the little princes that it was time to head home, but Wild Bill ignored her royal command and ran off to play with his friends. The Princess chased and grabbed her willful son, hit him once in the rear and then led him away, reported the British press.

"Diana really showed who's the boss. She let William feel the full force of her firm hand," an eyewitness told the Enquirer. The highborn William has gotten a reputation for low-down behavior. A year ago he was photographed trying to pinch a teacher's bottom!

"Diana finds William a handful," said a close friend of the Princess. "Diana told me: 'I don't smack him to hurt him. I don't believe in hurting children. But I don't think it's a bad thing to let him know who is in charge."

Reference: An article of The Enquirer Magazine, written by Steve Plamann, published in 1990.